About MRRR Apps

MRRR Apps develops android applications that provide fast, user friendly access to diverse information on specific topics. Our aim is to create apps that provide you with an enhanced experience on android devices.

New App Released – Finance News

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest new app titled “Finance News.
This app provides quick access to all the latest Finance News from multiple sources. News is aggregated from popular US business news websites. The app is unique as it covers a diverse range of finance news including top business stories, sharemarkets, investing ideas, economics, global business news, currency and commodities news. We believe the app is best for people who wish to check the latest finance news on their android phone/tablet.

We hope you enjoy our app and welcome any feedback.

New Apps Released!

We are pleased to announce we have recently released the following android apps:

  • Best US News Websites –  provides one-click access to top stories from popular US News Websites. This app makes it quicker and easier to read the best news on the go.
  • Australian Cricket News – provides quick access to the latest Australian cricket news from multiple sources.
  • Australian Job Search – Access the most popular Australian job search websites and job tips from multiple sources in one handy application.
  • Australian Travel – Access the most popular Australian travel websites, find the latest travel deals, read the latest travel news and discover holiday ideas all in one handy application.
  • A-League News – provides quick access to the Latest A-League News from multiple sources.

These apps are available to download from Google Play now. We encourage you to review our apps and provide informative feedback.

New Apps Released!

MRRR Apps has recently released the following Apps:

  • YouTube News Videos –  provides quick access to the most discussed news videos, trending news videos and eye witness videos.
  • Australian Finance News – provides quick access to the latest financial news from multiple sources.

These apps are available to download from Google Play now.


MRRR Apps has started this blog to communicate with users about our apps.

MRRR Apps aims to use this blog to:

  • inform users about the features of our apps.
  • inform users about new apps we have created.
  • gain feedback and enhance our apps.

Please follow our blog and help us enhance our apps with your feedback.